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35th ITI UNESCO World Congress.

Segovia -Royal Site of San Ildefonso July 14-22 / 2017.

Every two or three years, members of the International Theater Institute meet at the ITI World Congress, in a different city, at the country's invitation. The host center invites ITI member delegates – centers and cooperative members. ITI/UNESCO members establish a network for Higher Education in Performing Arts, ITI theatre, dance, circus and music organisations, artists, educators and trainers, politicians, World Theater Ambassadors, as well as UNESCO leaders, from UN and other international organizations that are welcome to attend the Congress – anyone related to the performing arts and/or ITI is encouraged to participate as a guest or observer at the Congress.

From July 14 to 22, Segovia in Spain, will be the world capital of the performing arts, holding the 35th ITI World Congress. During the three days prior to the Congress, students will be presenting their work at the University Theater Festival (July 14 to 16). During the main Congress (July 17 to 22), ITI delegates will be discussing, coordinating and planning the next period of the ITI, electing its leaders, accepting future plans and emphasizing what is most important for development of their organizations. A multitude of workshops, presentations, speeches and performances will enrich the Congress for all participants. Part of the Congress is the International Dance Symposium, which aims to strengthen dance at the ITI. An Open Space is dedicated to the artistic nature of the ITI. An ITI Meeting Center should attract the main members of the ITI, and centers from around the world to establish close collaboration. A strong emphasis has been established on Young Professionals. All Congress partners are working together to make this the most memorable event.

TObias Biancone, Director General ITI


The International Theater Institute ITI, the world's largest performing arts organization founded in 1948 by theatre, dance and UNESCO experts, strives to achieve a society in which artists thrive and flourish. The ITI's advice and UNESCO's objectives are mutual understanding, peace, and the protection and promotion of cultural expressions, regardless of age, gender, belief or ethnicity. Work toward these goals internationally and nationally in areas of performing arts education, international exchange, collaboration, and youth training.


The International Theater Institute ITI sees a world that places strong values ​​and importance on the Performing Arts.

    • It is a world in which performing artists can work and present their creative ideas to the audience.
    • It is a world in which local, regional and national authorities, as well as sponsors and donors, investigate the Performing Arts and found organizations, institutions and train artists in the fields of theater, dance and theatrical music in their various forms.
    • It is a world in which education in Performing Arts techniques and related topics are offered at all levels of education, from primary to higher education and university.
    • It is a world in which the Performing Arts, specifically theater, are used in communities, for development, mutual understanding and to build peace in conflict zones and around the world.
    • It is a world in which cultural diversity and expression are safeguarded and innovation is promoted.

The purpose of the International Theater Institute is to promote the international exchange of knowledge and practices in the theatrical arts, in addition to consolidating peace and friendly relations among people, to reach mutual understanding and increase creative cooperation among all people in the theatrical arts. To carry out this purpose, the ITI maintains:

    • Empowerment and creation activities in the fields of live performance arts, drama, dance, musical theater.
    • Objective of extending the existence of collaborations between performing arts disciplines and national and international organizations.
    • Establish international offices and strengthen the establishment of National ITI Centers in all countries.
    • Compile documents, and disseminate all types of information and issues published in the field of performing arts.
    • Actively cooperate in the development of the Theater of Nations, and coordinate and promote the organization of theatrical congresses, workshops, expert meetings, as well as festivals, exhibitions and competitions, both at regional and interregional levels.
    • Defend the free development of the performing arts and contribute to the protection of the rights of artists in the performing arts.

To achieve this at ITI, ITI Centers, Collaborative Members and individual members of the organization must be guided by the principles of mutual respect, safeguarding the national traditions of each country.


The main organizers of the 35th ITI World Congress are the ITI Center of Spain, assisted by the City Council of Segovia and the Rey Juan Carlos University, these three host organizations will work together with the General Secretariat of the ITI. Congress planning and preparation is conducted by the Congressional Task Force. 

Additional partners are ITI/UNESCO, the Higher Education in Performing Arts network, which will be organizing the University Theater Festival as a prologue to the Congress, and the International Dance Committee, which will be holding, together with central Spain, an International Symposium of Dance during the Congress.

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