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Specific denomination center, "Alicia Alonso" Higher Dance Institute

Dance Foundation
Alicia Alonso

The Dance FoundationAlicia Alonso", count with one Historical Heritage valued at more than two million euros. In the year 2000, the center with a specific name, Instituto Superior de Danza "Alicia Alonso", through Order 3908/2000 of the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid, has pedagogical autonomy of organization and management in accordance with the Provision Additional Sixth regarding the autonomy of higher artistic education centers of RD 1614/2009 of May 3 On higher artistic education.

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Documentary and Research Fund

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Pioneer institution

  • The “Alicia Alonso” Dance Foundation is the pioneer institution to which we owe the inclusion of dance in the space of Spanish higher education and in the development of the official training of university postgraduate studies in the branch of performing arts.
  • It has its antecedents in the “Alicia Alonso” Dance Chairs founded at the Complutense universities of Madrid (1992-1999), Alicante (1995-1999) and Jaume I of Castellón de la Plana (1997-1999).

Higher Institute of Dance Alicia Alonso

Center attached to the URJC

ON May 16, 2001, signed the affiliation agreement, under a regime of autonomy, from the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute (Dance Foundation of the same name) to the Rey Juan Carlos University under article 10 of the University Reform Law, with the purpose of giving this center a university character. Likewise, on September 18, 2001, it was ratified by the Minister of Education through the signing of a framework agreement that is an integral part of the affiliation agreement in accordance with its seventh clause.

Autonomy of the Center

Three aspects stand out from the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid. First of all, what considers the greatest academic interest, scientific and cultural the affiliation for academic purposes of the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Institute of Dance to the Rey Juan Carlos University. The second, that its duration is indefinite and the third that its headquarters will be located in the Community of Madrid and that it will be procured by the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid.

It should be noted in this sense that the institutes and/or centers attached to universities, unlike their own, do not depend on the University, but are regulated by their statutes, the affiliation agreement and the regulations that develop them in which they are established. the forms of cooperation in certain areas. The fact that the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute has signed an affiliation agreement with the Rey Juan Carlos University in no way modifies the differentiated nature of both centers and therefore their autonomy cannot be superimposed.

Higher Degree Studies in Dance

Merits and capacity of the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute awarded by the Department of Education of the Community of Madrid to teach a Higher Dance Degree.

Ministry of Education
of the Community of Madrid

The Department of Education of the Community of Madrid in the 2000/2001 academic year, based on its merits and capacity, entrusts the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Institute of Dance, taking into account its autonomy and based on the Decree 942/1986 of May 9, which establishes the rules for carrying out educational experiments, carrying out the design and execution of the first study plans of educational experimentation.

Degree study
and specialties

With the elaboration of these plans, the implementation in Spain of Higher Degree studies in Dance is materialized, in the specialties of Choreography and Performance Techniques y Dance Pedagogy, official qualifications equivalent for all purposes to a University Degree and valid throughout the national territory.

Academic merits

White book

In 2004 the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute was designated to participate in the design of the White Paper of the University Degree in Dance within the III Call of the European Convergence Program, convened by the National Quality Assessment Agency, taking into account that it was the first center authorized in Spain to teach higher dance degrees with full equivalence to a University Degree. 

Advanced Studies

In the same way, he developed the design and implementation of the first Official Master of Performing Arts, European Diploma of Advanced Studies in Performing Arts and first PhD program in this branch of Art, taking into account the affiliation agreement signed in 2001 in an autonomous regime with the Rey Juan Carlos University.

University master's degrees

In 2009, he designed the Degrees in Visual Arts and Dance which begins to be taught in the 2010/2011 academic year. In this same school period she designs and teaches the university master's degrees in Performing Arts and in Management and Leadership of Cultural Projects, becoming a European reference center for being the first to develop postgraduate degrees for dance professionals.

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Institutional and academic excellence

At present, the “Alicia Alonso” Higher Dance Institute hosts the Spanish Delegation of International Theater Institute; World Organization for the Performing Arts/UNESCO (ITI/UNESCO) and is part of the Executive Council of ITI/UNESCO, Chairs the International Dance Committee/UNESCO and is a member of the Executive Council of the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chair of Universities and Centers for Higher Artistic Education made up of 42 universities from all continents.

Career path

Throughout its existence it has produced one hundred and ninety original works of dance and dance-theater that appear registered in the INAEM Music and Dance Documentation Center ( and performed more than four hundred performances in different national and international theaters and festivals.


Artistic excellence

As a center of artistic excellence, it has numerous national and international recognitions, such as:

  • National Living Culture Award 2005 for the Best Higher Dance Education Institution awarded by a jury made up of prominent personalities from the Higher Council for Scientific and Cultural Research, for its international projection, its contribution to research and its promotion of artistic creation quality.
  • In 2014 he received the Grand Prix of the 2014 Alassio International Dance Competition, Genoa, Italy, for his international pedagogical work.
  • In 2017, she obtained the City of Barcelona Grand Prix for her pedagogical contributions to the development of classical dance and her work in international dissemination, among a long list of national and international awards and recognitions.
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