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Charity Function in Favor of the Adago Association at the Josep Carreras Theater

Photos: © Mercedes Burgos

Photos provided by Asociación Adago.

©Photo: Mercedes Burgos

Fuenlabrada, [26/05/2024] – Yesterday, the Josep Carreras Theater in Fuenlabrada was the scene of a solidarity event in favor of the Adago Association. With the collaboration of its president Virgilio Ortega and the board of directors, the event turned out to be a magical night full of art and solidarity.

The show began with "A Century with Four Senses", a biographical poem that narrated the life of maestro Joaquín Rodrigo through dance choreographed by Enrique Pérez Velasco. It was followed by “Estío”, an abstract ballet by choreographer Ioshinobu Navarro that captured the emotions and sensations of summer with vibrant and emotional choreography.

"Fantasía para un Gentil hombre" by José Manuel García, offered a reflection on the evolution of Spanish Dance, from the historical dances of the 15th to 18th centuries to the Bolera School. "Requiebros" with choreography by Oscar Torrado, for its part, was an avant-garde piece that fused classical ballet with contemporary and neoclassical elements, pleasantly surprising the audience.

The highlight of the night was a performance of the mythical “Aranjuez Concert,” transformed into a stylized dance work choreographed by José Manuel Buzón, which paid tribute to maestro Rodrigo on the 25th anniversary of his death. This choreographic version was a moving tribute, blending history, music and dance into an unforgettable experience.

This show was an amalgamation of history, music and dance, where each piece contributed to an exciting and diverse journey through legacy and innovation in the art of dance. The benefit not only raised funds for a worthy cause, but also celebrated art and culture, leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.


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