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International Dance Day

In 1982, the ITI Dance Committee founded International Dance Day, which is celebrated each year on April 29, the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), creator of modern ballet. The intention of the International Dance Day Message is to celebrate dance, delight in the universality of this art form, cross all political, cultural and ethnic barriers and unite people with a common language: dance.

Every year a message from an outstanding choreographer or dancer circulates around the world. The author of the message is selected by the ITI International Dance Committee and the ITI Executive Council. The message is translated into numerous languages ​​and distributed worldwide.

Objectives of International Dance Day

  • Promote dance in all its forms throughout the world.
  • Raise people's awareness about the value of dance in all its forms.
  • Allow the dance community to promote its work on a large scale, so that governments and opinion leaders are aware of the value and importance of dance in all its forms and support it.
  • Enjoy dance in all its forms for itself.
  • To share the joy of dance with others.

Celebrating International Dance Day

Who can celebrate?

Celebrations open to all
The main pillars of ITI – the ITI Centers and Collaborating Members – are the driving force behind the celebration of International Dance Day in their country or region.

Anyone can organize and promote a celebration on or around the same day. Dance venues, theater and dance institutions, theatre, dance and performing arts universities, government institutions, cultural ministries, dancers and dance lovers around the world are invited to celebrate International Dance Day.

Celebrations for International Dance Day

ITI recommends that people or institutions that want to celebrate the day coordinate it with the ITI Center or Collaborating Member of their country or region. The list of member addresses can be found in the online directory at
If someone is organizing an event and sends the event information to info (at), the event will appear on the virtual map on this website.

Message translation

Because of the multitude of languages ​​that exist around the world, and because the message must be understood by the people of a country or region, the message of International Dance Day is always translated into the language or languages ​​of the country and The same goes for the brief biography of the author. Translations are sent to the ITI General Secretariat for publication on the website or as soon as the message is made public, so that they can be used by everyone .

Promotion of the message with video / YouTube

a) The author of the message reads the message
A video of the message's author reading their message on YouTube has been a successful way to promote the message. In 2012, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui made a video that had over 30000 views on YouTube (as of 2013). Ideally, the author reads her message in a video that can be uploaded to YouTube and different websites. This is usually done through an agreement between the author and the ITI General Secretariat and the video produced is available for use worldwide.

b) Prominent dance personalities read the message
Sometimes it is not possible for the author to read your message. In this case, ITI asks its Centers, Collaborating Members and friends to select a personality, well known in a region or a country, to read the translated message in their language and send the video to the General Secretariat for post-production. and publication on the ITI and YouTube websites.

Promotion of the message on stage

In some countries, the message is read on International Dance Day, April 29 (or around the day) before a performance begins. The message can also be read before/after intermission or in the lobby of a dance venue. At the same time, brochures with the message and the author's biography can be placed on the seats or distributed at the box office or at the entrance to the theater or dance hall.

Publication of the message in printed media

In addition to distributing flyers with the message and the biography of the author of the message, the message can be sent to newspapers and magazines for publication. This must be coordinated with the General Secretariat, as soon as the message is available in the original language and in the language required by the newspaper or magazine.

Books and posters
Sometimes the last message is printed together with all the previous messages in a book and published on International Dance Day. This has already been the case in Croatia. If you would like to receive all messages, they are available on this website in English and French.
One way to promote the message can be a poster with a photo or photos of the author and their message.

Promotion of the message through radio, TV, press and internet

ITI centers, collaborating members and friends are requested to send International Dance Day messages to the media. If the author is available, he or she should grant interviews. This can also be done via video conference with a television station or by phone with a radio station. If possible, the ITI General Secretariat acts as a liaison between the author and the media.
Theater and dance venues and organizations must post the messages on their website.
The message text is available in different languages.

Promote the message with a special event, charity performance, etc.

The types of events organized around International Dance Day are as numerous as the ideas that inspire them. Here is a short list of the main ones that can be done on or around International Dance Day, April 29:
• Special dance awards ceremonies;
• Charity performances for organizations, people or specific topics related to dance;
• Fundraising for special projects with gala, dance, dinner, etc.;
• Open doors for dance schools, academies and universities;
• Free tickets during International Dance Day for selected performances;
• Conferences

Online celebration of International Dance Day

Online celebration of International Dance Day

Welcome to the online celebration page for International Dance Day 2021!

The online celebration of International Dance Day 2021 begins on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 14:00 p.m. Paris time.

The main celebration contains a video of dance performances by ITI Centers and other members. Many important figures from global dance communities are also invited, including the International Dance Day Message. Authors from previous years are also invited to share their thoughts on dance.

ITI centers and contributing members, leading figures from global dance communities and dance companies contributed beautiful videos of more than three hours of dance performances to this online celebration. These performances, from different continents of the world, can be classical and contemporary dances, solo, pas de deux and in groups, on a stage or in any space, happening in a real venue or online. All of them combined, are an excellent expression of cultural diversity and the resilience of human beings in the face of difficulties. Just like the slogans in the introduction videos of International Dance Day, let us dance together in every corner of the world to create light in the darkness.

International Dance Day Online Celebration Program ⇒

The artists

The following artists, companies, groups and dance projects contribute their dance videos to this celebration through the ITI Centers, the ITI Dance Committee and the ITI General Secretariat. Their dance videos can be seen in the “From ITI Members” category. Thanks for the support!
• Peacock Contemporary Dance Company, China
• Beijing Modern Dance Company, China
• Indian Corps Company, Colombia
• Sankofa Danzafro, Colombia
• L'Explose Dance, Colombia
• Danfroc Cultural Corporation, Colombia
• Argentine Dance Council, Argentina
• Škvadra, Croatia
• National Ballet of Cuba
• Echo Arts, Cyprus
• Kanuti Gildi Saal, Estonia
• Technichore and Le Monde Du Zèbre, France
• Natia Chikvaidze and the team, Georgia
• National Ballet of Korea, Republic of Korea
• Ulaanbaatar Ensemble Dance Group, Mongolia
• Produkcija, North Macedonia
• Madrid Chamber Ballet, Spain
• Dance to protect oneself from the plague, Switzerland
• James Wilton Dance, United Kingdom
• Dallas Black Dance Theatre, USA.
• Rennie Harris Puremovement, USA.
• The Hood Lockers, USA
• Alberta Ballet, Canada
• Earthsavers UNESCO DREAM Centre, Philippines
• Halili-Cruz Ballet School, Philippines


The following companies, organizations and individuals from the global dance communities support this celebration with dance videos that can be viewed in the “Special Projects” category. Thanks for the support!
Magpie Dance, UK, Gladys AGULHAS, South Africa, Alfred University NY, USA and Marianela BOÁN, Cuba, Andromachi Dimitriadou LINDAHL, Cyprus, Georgette GEBARA, Lebanon, Tamara ROJO, Spain, Russell MALIPHANT & VANGELIS, Greece, Karima MANSOUR , Egypt, “Alicia Alonso” University Institute of Dance.


YANG Liping, China Dancer, Choreographer

Author of this year's message

Every year the International Dance Committee, through a vote, chooses one of the proposals that are sent to the author of the Message of the International Dance Day.

Messages from previous years

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