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The Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation Ballet Dazzles at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

September 16, 2023. Madrid, Spain –


In an unprecedented spectacle, the prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has witnessed the fusion between dance and fashion in its purest expression. The Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation Ballet, with a history that supports its excellence and passion, was in charge of presenting the new collection by acclaimed designer Fely Campo.

This collaboration emerged from a meticulous and artistic process between the talented choreographer José Manuel Buzón and collaborator Mercedes Burgos. Together, they orchestrated a performance that not only showed clothes, but told stories, transmitted emotions and showed the versatility of Campo's fashion in the context of dance. The designer expressed the collection, it is a tribute to Cuba, its colors, and its rhythms and the silhouettes of its designs are very inspired by the art deco of the Caribbean island. 

The lights dimmed and, to the sound of evocative music, the dancers emerged, carrying Campo's creations. Every step, every turn, was an extension of the fabrics, a palpable representation of the designer's vision. The collection, known for its sophisticated silhouettes and bold color palette, was further enhanced by the movement and grace of the dancers.

The audience, made up of prominent figures from the fashion industry and dance lovers, was captivated by the presentation. Cecilia Rodrigo, Marchioness of Aranjuez and President of the Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation, was present, with whom the designer and the Alícia Alonso Foundation Ballet are collaborating closely on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the death of the famous composer Joaquín Rodrigo. Applause echoed through the room as the dancers took their final bow, making it clear that this collaboration had been a resounding triumph.

When asked about this innovative presentation, Fely Campo commented: «Dance and fashion have always been artistic expressions that speak of the soul and the body. Seeing my collection in motion, performed by the Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation Ballet, has been a dream come true.»

This event marks a milestone at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, making it clear that fashion can transcend traditional catwalks and merge with other disciplines to offer a truly immersive and emotional experience.

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