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IUDAA Alumni

Community of students of the Degree in AVD, Higher Degree in Dance and Postgraduate Masters, graduates of the Alicia Alonso University Institute of Dance.

Once you have completed your studies, IUDAA provides you with consulting and coaching sessions, continuing education programs, a wide network to enhance your networking and access new professional opportunities.

IUDAA Graduates

In the surveys of graduates, the percentage of active graduates who have worked at some time since graduation is 87.5%. The average time to employment after graduation* is about 3 months. 

*Source: Data from the 2019/19 academic year undergraduate quality report.

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IUDAA Alumni


How did you achieve success in your project? Your testimony can help many young people who want to undertake their own model as researchers, performers, creators and managers, in the cultural and creative industries sector.

The collective experience is an instrument of confrontation and analysis. 


There is an internal time and an external time, helping others to understand the importance of teamwork and the keys to the process of individual artistic creation, in each and every one of the facets of learning. If you want to collaborate as a Coaching, providing resources, tools and experiences to students who begin their studies, send us your details and we will contact you.


Tamara Rojo

Member of the Board of Directors of the Instituto Superior de Danza "Alicia Alonso". Artistic Director of the English National Ballet of London. Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts. Doctor in Arts and Humanities by the URJC.

Alicia's legacy lives on in her school, in her students and in the companies founded or directed by those who learned from her.
It also lives on in all those projects she helped to promote, such as the Dance Institute. Her influence went beyond the confines of the theater to reach classrooms and lecture halls around the world.

Source: Excerpted from the closing speech delivered by Tamara Rojo at the 1st World Congress on Research in the Performing Arts.


Cooperation, grants and fundraising
This activity of cooperation, collaboration and fundraising is aimed at research projects and artistic creation activities, designed to promote connections between Alumni and students currently enrolled in any of our Degrees or Degrees, reactivating university life and keeping your communication with the academic world active. Also, to offer you professional opportunities that come to us from companies, production companies, public and private centers, such as: castings, festivals, contests, awards, calls, vacancies, among other notices of interest. We want to give you inspiration in the areas of production, management, project creation and artistic development. Become an Alumni for free by filling out our form!

Guidance and project financing to achieve your career goals

We help and advise you on your project. The IUDAA offers 4th year students a group of professors and specialists who will give personalized advice on artistic research projects: project study, marketing and financing strategies, publication, connection with companies in the sector, etc. The person in charge of the area of the mention will attend to your request immediately.

Professional Development

If you are already working in the sector, we help you to maintain your projects and objectives. You can continue to attend our workshops and Master classes.


Our IUDAA professors and specialists will help you take the first steps towards your professional project with a personalized strategic plan.

Labor market

We put you in contact with companies in the sector and keep you informed of the different job offers in the current market.


If you are an IUDAA graduate, you can benefit from scholarships and grants to help you access Master's studies and continue your professional training.

Testimonials from our graduates

Dancer at Paraddax visual emotions. Dance teacher. Covibar dance school.

Mónica Gómez Rabadan

Dancer of the Antonio Márquez Company. Spanish Ballet of Murcia, teacher.

Vanesa Garcia

Actress of the professional company Las Manías de Nérrupa. 

Professional dancer.

Sergi Martinez

Dancer Opera of Wroclawska Joburg Ballet. Mari Cruz Alcalá Dance Center.

Sara Fernandez

National Dance Company (CND), Spain.

Mariana Fonseca

Dancer. Divadlo F. X. Saldy Liberec.

Gonzalo Alarcia Guerrero


Patricia Sevilla Garcia

Stage Director and Actress. Las manías de Nérrupa Company.