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Artistic and Academic Meeting: Students and Teachers of the Riba-roja del Turia Conservatory Visit the 'Alicia Alonso' University Institute of Dance

In an event that marks the academic and artistic collaboration that the University Institute of Dance maintains with educational institutions in the Performing Arts sector, students and professors of the Riba Dance Conservatory – Turia red They were invited to a special day. This meeting, held on December 22, offered attendees a unique opportunity to explore the depths of Spanish dance and to learn up close the exceptional work carried out by our training center.

The day was marked by the active participation of prominent figures of the Institute, such as the director Mr. Alberto García Castaño and the Head of the Department of Spanish Dance, Mr. José Manuel Buzón. In addition, attendees had the pleasure of interacting with teacher José Manuel Garcia. These exchanges allowed the students and teachers of the Conservatory to obtain a broader vision of the techniques, styles and pedagogies in the teaching of Spanish dance, present in the work of the “Alicia Alonso” University Dance Institute.

One of the most significant aspects of this visit was the opportunity to dialogue and share experiences and knowledge, thus fostering an environment of mutual learning. Discussions between teachers and students of both institutes underlined the importance of collaboration in the field of arts and education.

Furthermore, the event served to highlight the continuous collaboration between the “Alicia Alonso” University Institute of Dance and various conservatories, which make sustained visits to the University Institute in which different actions and collaborations, both academic and artistic, are carried out. This cooperation focuses on expanding opportunities for dance students, both at the higher and university levels, offering a range of possibilities for their professional and artistic development.

The day culminated with a demonstration of Spanish dance workshops, where the talents of the students and teachers of the “Alicia Alonso” Institute were evident. This experience not only strengthened ties between the two educational institutions, but also inspired young artists and educators to continue pursuing their passions in the world of dance.

This event highlights the commitment of the “Alicia Alonso” University Dance Institute with the comprehensive training of its students and its fundamental role in the promotion and preservation of Spanish dance, both nationally and internationally. With initiatives like these, the Institute continues to establish itself as a beacon of excellence in artistic and cultural education.

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