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Le Cirque Danse Company


Cirque Danse Company of the Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation.

Stage practice unit aimed at professionals pursuing higher degree, postgraduate and doctoral studies at the “Alicia Alonso” University Institute of Dance. 

Le Cirque Danse, a company that fuses the beauty of dance and the majesty of the circus, is a renowned artistic collective that has delighted audiences around the world with its unforgettable performances.

The company has begun to travel a path that focuses on transforming the way people perceive and enjoy the performing arts. Committed to innovation, Le Cirque Danse has been characterized by the audacity of its creativity and its ability to integrate various art forms into a single show.

Our history

Le Cirque Danse's unique focus on dance and circus allows its shows to be a visual and emotional feast. Its highly skilled and passionate performers captivate audiences with stunning acrobatics, hypnotic choreography and thought-provoking emotional performances.

In addition to its impressive stage shows, Le Cirque Danse also has a strong commitment to the community. The company is proud to claim and use heritage spaces, taking emblematic squares and buildings of the National Heritage as stages for its shows. This commitment reinforces the link between the arts and history, fostering greater respect and appreciation for our cultural heritage.


Le Cirque Danse is not just a dance and circus company, it is a cultural phenomenon that celebrates humanity through art. With each performance, they push the boundaries of what is possible, creating experiences that are as moving as they are inspiring.

Alberto Garcia CastanoChief Executive Officer

Dedication and effort


"The circus is the only show in the world in which man is truly great." 

Thomas Carlyle



The Le Cirque Danse Company is also a center for creators open to training and research on the complex world of circus entertainment.


professional environment

Le Cirque Danse Company frequently invites different specialists from all over the world to create new stage productions in the context of contemporary circus.



The company's managers with extensive professional experience make it a benchmark in the current circus scene.

Le Cirque Danse is a center for artistic innovation and circus production, forming an integral part of the Institute of Circus Arts, an autonomous entity of the Global Circus Foundation. Its mission is to cultivate and promote the art of the circus and its repertoire in a broad sense. Through a stable company, it is open to all styles and languages ​​of circus arts, as well as movement arts in general, both Spanish and international creation. Its objective is to facilitate the approach of new audiences and promote its projection both nationally and internationally, within a framework of full artistic and creative autonomy.

stage performances

The Le Cirque Danse Company carries out more than twenty stage performances annually, thanks to its links with the Spanish Theater Network and other reference centers.


Creating shows at Le Cirque Danse is a fascinating journey of artistic exploration and expression. In its circus innovation and production center, ideas are generated and transformed into realities that amaze audiences around the world.

Each show begins as a spark of inspiration, an idea that is shaped and developed through a collaborative process between artists, choreographers, directors and technicians. The diversity of talents and experiences within the company allows for a multidisciplinary approach, opening the doors to new forms of expression in the circus arts.

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upcoming presentations

  • Live the magic of Christmas with this multidisciplinary dance-theater and circus production at the Josep Carreras Theater in Fuenlabrada on December 11 at 20:00 p.m.