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The arts involve complex forms of thinking.

Theory of Applied Arts and Sciences

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A 360º training adapted to your time, interests and professional needs. Aware that all quality training in the present is a guarantee of the future, the IUDAA is made up of an expert team of teaching professionals, researchers, and reference specialists in the different training mentions and specialties.

Core subjects

Theory of Applied Arts and Sciences.

The curriculum focuses on core development, in which the Basic Training subjects (66 credits) that address the theories of Art, Communication and Technology, as well as aspects of Philosophy and Aesthetics of Art as generic core knowledge of the degree such as those related to copyright and intellectual property legislation, theoretical bases of design, perception visual and composition, common photography techniques and the making of the script.

Degree studies aim to offer general training aimed at preparing for the exercise of professional activities.

The block of Compulsory Subjects of the Degree, developed in 94,5 ETCS credits, addresses the most specific aspects related to the Visual Arts and Dance, based on the development of content that goes from the general to the particular, developing in the student the necessary skills for the development of their technique, artistic maturity, and their research capacity in the field of Performing and Visual Arts. The objective is to cover the artistic and technological fields, as well as the specificity of the performing world, from a multidisciplinary and plural perspective.

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Core subjects

The Performing and Visual Arts must necessarily be linked to other areas of knowledge such as: audiovisual communication, journalism, advertising, production and business management to cite some examples that cannot be ignored: “the new society demands professionals with a high cultural, scientific and technical level that only university education is capable of providing.”

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Why study with us?

  • Leading center in performing arts research
  • First Center authorized in Spain to teach University Degree qualifications
  • A faculty with teaching, research and professional experience
  • Seminars, workshops and conferences with the participation of prestigious members of the professional world in different branches

Our teaching staff, day by day, aim to increase their capacity as researchers, not only teaching, but also carrying out teaching innovation projects, therapeutic research, research in the field of Art History, Theater History, Aesthetics, Dance, New technologies that favor the development of the Performing Arts.


«Curricular integration organizes the thematic contents of the activities, favoring the globalization of knowledge»