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The program Erasmus + It makes it easier for URJC undergraduate and postgraduate students and IUDAA (Higher Dance Degree) students to study one or more semesters at one of the European universities with which the URJC has agreements. These exchanges traditionally have a financial endowment thanks to the Erasmus Scholarships provided by the EU and the Spanish Ministry of Education.

The program world manages mobility with universities from countries not included in the Erasmus Program. The possibility of obtaining a scholarship or economic endowment and its amount depends in each case on the agreements with the universities, countries or entities that sign it.

General Information

Places in the Erasmus and Munde programs

Places in the Erasmus and Munde programs are offered in a public call and are awarded to students with the best record who have passed the language level recommended by the partner university. The calls are usually published in the month of October, to carry out the mobility in the following course.  

Documentation and deadlines

Each call is announced through the URJC electronic notice board. From that moment on, the application deadlines begin to run. During this period, the Destination Universities to which students of the Degree in Visual Arts and Dance and the Higher Dance Degrees of the IUDAA can apply will also be informed.

Once the mobility place has been assigned, the student must fill out the Learning Agreement and Equivalence Agreement documents, which must be sent to the ERASMUS / MUNDE Coordinator of the degree for approval and signing process through the ELECTRONIC OFFICE.

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To facilitate the search for accommodation, below is information of interest from real estate portals and other companies specializing in student accommodation. The University has no conventions or agreements with them, so any relationship initiated through these entities is alien to the University.

They offer their services in different languages: Spanish, English, Catalan, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese. 

They have apartments throughout the Community of Madrid, Getafe, Fuenlabrada and Alcalá de Henares. 

The apartments are fully furnished, with internet in all rooms, maintenance service and cleaning of common areas. 

They organize sociocultural activities: cultural, leisure, free time and sports visits.


ERASMUS it is the largest community of students in Europe. Booking verified accommodations through a secure system, in Madrid and all over the world and you can also find insights about cities, universities, interesting destinations and forums where you can meet people.


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Uniplaces is the global student housing brand. Through the house verification system, the anti-fraud payment system and a customer service 7 days a week, they are committed to providing you with your ideal accommodation.

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In addition, Uniplaces is looking for students to join the Uniplaces Ambassador program to be part of their team.

Aluni.Net is a company dedicated to the management and marketing of student accommodation in all Spain. 

URJC students who process their accommodation through Aluni will obtain a 20% discount in the costs of processing the contract. For this it is necessary to go to the email:

More information on the webpage:


Travel insurance


Students who make stays in countries belonging to the European Union, the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and Switzerland are advised to have the European Health Card (

This card allows you to access public health during your stay, but you must bear in mind that it may not cover all medical expenses, since there are differences between the health systems of the different countries. Special care should be taken if you are receiving medical treatment.

This is why we recommend, whether for your academic mobility you travel to these countries or to others in the rest of the world, that you take out private insurance that includes medical assistance, among other guarantees.

In either case, a recommended option is the OnCampus Study insurance, with very extensive coverage and a very advantageous rate. Through this link you can review the conditions and contract it:

Contact us

Prof. Dr. Ioshinobu Navarro Sanler 
ERASMUS/MUNDE Coordinator 
Degree in Visual Arts and Dance URJC/IUDAA
Office 007, Management Building, Fuenlabrada Campus

Elisa Gomez-Luengo 
International Office 
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Office 413, Rectorate Building, Móstoles Campus 
C/ Tulipán, S/n, 28933 – Madrid – Spain
Telephone: + 34 91 488 93 56; + 34 91 488 73 27; + 34 91 488 74 21

International Office Directory

Destination universities

The Degree in Visual Arts and Dance / Higher Dance Degrees; They have a high degree of specialization. In this section you will be able to see the list of Universities with which there are mobility agreements for the Program.

Universities within the European Union AreaERASMUS UNIVERSITIES

Universities outside the European UnionWORLD UNIVERSITIES

Mobility period

  • Due to the curricular design of the Degree in Visual Arts and Dance, mobilities will be carried out for the period of one school year.
  • Some mobilities, in the case of the MUNDE program, may begin on dates prior to the beginning of the teaching period of the Spanish Academic Calendar. In that case, the student must follow the Academic Calendar of the Destination University.

Information Days

Here you can access the different information sessions held in other calls.

Process and Communication during mobility

  • The student is responsible for making all contacts with his/her Destination University to obtain the Study Plan and the Academic Calendar, for the completion of the Learning Agreement Forms and the Equivalence Agreement.
  • Once the documents are completed, you must notify the ERASMUS / MUNDE Coordinator of the degree. Prof. Dr. Ioshinobu Navarro Sanler, to proceed with the verification and approval of the documents.
  • Once the mobility has started, it is necessary to maintain contact with the Coordinator, informing of any change in the subjects being taken, for which the student will fill out the Learning Agreement and Equivalence Agreement Modification Form, which must be uploaded to the Platform. Digital once signed by the Coordinator of the University of Origin and the Coordinator of the Destination University.
  • Once the mobility is completed, the student must inform the ERASMUS / MUNDE Coordinator, to proceed with the procedures with the Destination University to receive the official grade document and proceed with the validations.
Contact us

Prof. Dr. Ioshinobu Navarro Sanler


Contact the Coordinator

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