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ITI UNESCO World Congress

Celebration of Art and Culture

Every 2 or 3 years ITI organizes, in collaboration with an ITI Center and a chosen city, a main event: the ITI World Congress. It is a meeting of ITI members from all continents. 

Since its creation, 35 ITI World Congresses have been held. The last one was presented by the Spanish Center in Segovia, Spain, in 2017.

The ITI World Congress has four parts:

1) The artistic part with performances (local and international), international collaboration projects

2) The educational part with presentations, workshops, master classes, seminars, conferences, round tables, etc.

3) The humanistic part with workshops and presentations, and community projects

4) The statutory part with the General Assembly, committee meetings, networks, forums and project groups.

iti Congress

world meeting

The last edition of the ITI World Congress took place in Segovia, Spain. Organized by the Spanish Delegation of the International Theater Institute/UNESCO. It took place from July 14 to 16, 2017.  

The prelude to the Congress consisted of the Student Festival of the ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in the Performing Arts.

The ITI World Congress sessions were held from Monday to Saturday, from July 17 to July 22, 2017.

During the Congress, the 5th International Dance Symposium (co-organized by the ITI International Dance Committee and the Spanish Center) was also held from Tuesday to Thursday, July 18 to July 20.

Report of the Director General of the ITI on the 35th Congress

Congressional Artistic Galas


Opening Gala


Closing Gala


Closing of the Congress


Appointment of Alicia Alonso as Distinguished Visitor of Segovia

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