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University Institute of Dance "Alicia Alonso".


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The Instituto Superior de Danza "Alicia Alonso" is a center of specific denomination of the Public Foundation "Alicia Alonso" attached to the University Rey Juan Carlos, enjoys pedagogical, organizational and management autonomy. It has two professional companies, professional practice units of the Foundation, the Ballet de Cámara de Madrid and the Compañía de Teatro de Cámara, both linked to networks of theaters, cultural spaces and national and international festivals. They currently have an extensive repertoire and have premiered more than 190 original dance and dance-theater works: Documentation Center.

Instituto Superior de Danza Alicia Alonso
Fuenlabrada Campus
Aulario IV.
Camino del Molino Nº 5 28943
Fuenlabrada Madrid, Spain.

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Alberto García Castaño
Director of the ISDAA

ISDAA Academic Secretary
Luis LLerena

Responsible for Mention

Classical Dance
Óscar Torrado del Puerto

Contemporary Dance
Gloria María García Arambarry

Dance Theater
Javier Otero

Spanish Dance
Jose Manuel Buzón

Acrobatic and Circus Dance
Jorge Gallego

Theory of Arts and Applied Sciences
Carlos Roldán

Coordination of International Mobility and ERASMUS/MUNDE Program
Prof. Dr. Ioshinobu Navarro Sanler

Resource planning for teaching
Gemma Pagés

Documentary Fund
Leticia Pérez Cid

Audiovisual Registration
Alma Llerena/ Víctor Barbera

Levent Haluk Karatas
Network and content management

Throughout almost three decades of existence it has gained great prestige at national, European and international level. It was the first center of higher dance studies authorized in Spain. Among its most important merits is the fact that it introduced the first official undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies in Performing Arts in Spanish universities. It occupies within the centers of higher artistic education a privileged position in terms of international student mobility, through the Erasmus, Erasmus Munde programs, financed through the Universia program of Banco Santander, Erasmus International and the worldwide network of the UNESCO Chair of Universities and Centers of Higher Artistic Education of which it is a member, as well as the Network of Latin American Universities of Art (RUA). Its faculty is also a beneficiary of the European Commission's international mobility program K 107.

Since 2005, it has been at the top of the ranking of centers of artistic excellence, having obtained the "Cultura Viva National Award" for the best institution of Higher Artistic Dance Education. This recognition was awarded by a jury composed of prominent personalities from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas y de la Cultura, taking into account its academic excellence, its promotion of quality artistic creation and its international projection. She also received the Grand Prix at the 2014 Alassio International Competition for her international pedagogical work and in 2018 she received, together with dancer Julio Boca, the Grand Prix City of Barcelona for her contributions to dance teaching, among many other national and international recognitions.

In the last five years he has co-directed three international artistic projects funded by the European Commission under the Creative Culture program. The Institute is a member of the Executive Board of the International Theatre Institute, UNESCO's World Organization for the Performing Arts. It holds the Presidency of the International Dance Committee/UNESCO and is a member of the Executive Council of the UNESCO Chair UNITWIN Universities and Centers of Higher Artistic Education. He chairs the Spanish Delegation of the World Organization for the Performing Arts/UNESCO.

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Classrooms and spaces

Multi-purpose facilities, sets for audiovisual classes, library, management building, assembly hall, leisure areas and cafeteria, among other active resources specially created for the university community.


Commitment to the transmission of values such as sustainability and solidarity, through cooperation and volunteering. Committed to research oriented to economic and social development.

Guarantee for the future

At the forefront in research and development of artistic education, driven by new technological challenges. Our studies guarantee multiple job opportunities. Leadership and professionalism within the creative industries.

Experience and expertise

With more than 30 years of experience in higher artistic and university education, our center offers a multidisciplinary training experience that combines theoretical research with constant stage practice.


Academic Program

The IUDAA offers a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Arts and Dance with mentions and a Higher Degree in Dance. Postgraduate studies such as the Master's Degree in Management and Leadership in Cultural Projects and the Master's Degree in Performing Arts are also available.

International projection and agreements

The IUDAA maintains active different research projects and agreements with prestigious institutions around the world: International Theatre Institute (ITI/UNESCO), Plataforma UNITWIN, a program for international cooperation between universities and the creation of networks, Universidad de las Artes de Cuba (ISA), Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), among others.


XX Anniversary IUDAA

The IUDAA created by the "Alicia Alonso" Dance Foundation celebrated in 2012 the 20th anniversary of its founding as the "Alicia Alonso" Chair at the Complutense University of Madrid. In the celebrations served as Honorary President, HM. Queen Sofia, who enjoyed the commemorative Gala offered at the Teatro de La Zarzuela in Madrid, together with La Primma Ballerinna Assoluta Alicia Alonso.

H.M. Queen Sofía, on stage with Alicia Alonso, Pedro González Trevijano, Alberto García Castaño, and Ana Mato.