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Master's Degree in Performing Arts. 60 ECTS

An academic program directed towards research in the Performing Arts from a multidisciplinary and contemporary perspective.

Why stay where you are?

Develop new skills, expand your job opportunities by becoming part of the business fabric of the Cultural and Creative Industries. The Master offers subjects in New Technologies or Management and production of stage projects and shows, in addition to Psychology, Music or Communication.

For fifteen years, the Master in Performing Arts has offered a high level of academic to artists, teachers, researchers and other professionals related to theater, dance, music, circus and cultural industries in general.

The degree is aimed at stage professionals, creators, performers or teachers of artistic education who want reflect from within about the inherent phenomena of their disciplines as well as communicators, art historians, and researchers interested in this object of study.


Responsible Center: URJC postgraduate unit
Director of the Master: Alberto Garcia Castano
Location: Madrid – Quintana
Modality: Onsite 
Number of ECTS Credits: 60 ECTS  


Duration of the Master: an academic year
Contact: Prof. Manuel García (Management Manager)

Course 2020 / 21

Self-registration and self-registration dates

Second period
The 1 June to July 13 2020
Publication of admitted July 28, 2020

Third period
September 1-16, 2020
Publication of admitted October 2, 2020

Extraordinary term
From 5 to October 7 from 2020
Publication of admitted October 23, 2020

IUDAA-URJC University Master's Degrees

The construction of a researcher-creator profile as an ideal of the contemporary artist.

of Performing Arts

Our Master's Degree is recognized throughout the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Official master's degrees allow access to doctoral studies and score points in competitive exams and job boards, helping to improve your work and your professional profile.


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Our Master's degree lasts one academic year and adapts to your needs, allowing you to reconcile your work life with your postgraduate studies.

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Performing Arts

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We link creative processes, starting from aesthetics and the philosophy of the body.

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Who is the Master for?

Students who have possession of an official Spanish university degree or another issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes access to Master's degrees in the country that issued the degree.

Is it necessary to pass an access test?

The requirements for access to the proposed title are according to article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010, of July 2:

In order to access the official Master's degrees, it will be necessary to be in possession of an official Spanish university degree or another issued by a higher education institution belonging to another Member State of the European Higher Education Area that authorizes the same for access to the teachings of Master.
Likewise, graduates in accordance with educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area will be able to access without the need for homologation of their degrees, after verification by the University that they accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and that authorize in the country issuing the title for access to postgraduate education. Access through this route will not imply, in any case, the homologation of the previous title of which the interested party is in possession, nor its recognition for other purposes than that of studying the Master's degree.

Recommended requirements:

The specific qualifications that will facilitate access to the Master are the following:

Degree in Visual Arts and Dance
Degree in Pedagogy of Visual Arts and Dance
Higher Degrees in Dance, Dramatic Art, Singing and Music
Other degrees or official titles that include Humanities, Arts, Communication, Social Sciences, Sports Sciences, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Tourism subjects in their curriculum.

The access profile also generally includes applicants with higher studies interested in the development of the performing arts or who have equivalent to these degrees.

Candidate selection:

The selection of applicants will be made by the Head of the Master by submitting the standardized curriculum in accordance with the preferred profiles. In addition, criteria of professional experience, academic record and motivation will be taken into account. In the event that demand exceeds supply, the following order will be established: the first priority level will be for graduates in Dance, then in Dramatic Arts and so on, in accordance with the order established in the previous section and according to the criteria aforementioned.

The weighting criteria will be as follows:

Priority according to the profile of the applicants: 50%
Academic record: 20%
Curriculum and professional experience and its relationship with the objectives of the degree: 30%
Offer of places: 66 places. If the minimum number of students expected in a course is not reached, the University may choose not to open the teaching group.


The Master of Performing Arts seeks to expand academic training through a greater degree of specialization and scientific-technical research. To this end, these studies propose, from a multidisciplinary vision, to systematically analyze the interpretive, artistic and creative processes, promoting experimentation from academic, professional, technological, social and cultural contexts as a way to enhance the Performing Arts in the frameworks of the Knowledge Society, with special emphasis on Dance.

To this end, the following general lines have been defined:

-Deepen the knowledge of new information and communication technologies in the field of their application in the performing arts, and their instrumentation in creative, productive or management processes, as well as their impact on new ways of creating, market and consume these artistic products.
-Stimulate the study of advanced methodologies and techniques used in the physical preparation of dancers, actors and performing artists in general, as well as their impact on their artistic-professional performance and mental and physical health.
-Deepen the knowledge of the therapeutic application of Dance, Music and the Performing Arts in general.
-Study philosophical thought and its connection with creative processes, starting from aesthetics and the philosophy of the body.
-Promote the study of traditions linked to the history of the Performing Arts and encourage the responsibility of artists regarding their conservation as part of the intangible heritage of the people.
-Stimulate creative collaboration and teamwork based on artistic or academic projects to promote quality artistic creation and research.
Contribute, based on scientific research, to the development of creative processes in the field of Performing Arts.
-To promote the development of historiographic research on the Performing Arts, with particular interest in Dance as a functional dramatic element within theatrical representation.
Investigate the capacities of high artistic and psychomotor performance.

Career Opportunities


Currently, the advancement of science and technology means that the universe of the performing arts is not only combined with other artistic disciplines such as music or other expressions related to audiovisual communication without losing sight of the link with the world of sciences such as psychology, medicine and sociology. Opening fields of research related to the therapeutic dimension of music and dance. Research that in various fields of knowledge provides new elements in the preparation of performers and creators, such as studies of biomechanics of movement, nutrition, pathologies, among many others. In addition to research aimed at the preservation of material and intangible heritage.

Within the professional opportunities of the Master, various options stand out, all of them related to the profiles that the degree enhances:

-Stage director.
-Multidisciplinary artist.
-Researcher in the area of ​​Entertainment Arts.
-Researcher in the branch of Arts and Humanities.
-It is a Master of a Research nature leading to a Doctoral Program.



Custom code Subject Semester Type Number of ECTS
622901 Introduction to Documentation and Research Methodology in the Performing Arts 1 º Mandatory 6
622902 Philosophy and Aesthetics of the Body in the Performing Arts 1 º Mandatory 6
622903 New Technologies Applied to the Performing Arts 1 º Mandatory 6
622904 Scenic languages ​​according to the historical context 1 º Mandatory 6
622905 Dance and Theater: Rite, Party and Show 1 º Mandatory 6
622906 Performing Arts and Communication 2 º Mandatory 3
622907 Psychology in the Performing Arts 2 º Mandatory 3
622908 Music in the Performing Arts 2 º Mandatory 3
622909 Management and production of stage projects and shows 2 º Mandatory 6
622910 Performance Studies 2 º Mandatory 3
622911 Master's Final Project TFM Mandatory 12

Performing Arts

Student profile

Of mixed orientation, the official degree offers access to the doctorate and proposes two profiles, that of the researcher and that of the professional who wants to complete and deepen their previous training. In this sense, and in order to expand job opportunities and the insertion of the graduate into the business fabric of the Cultural and Creative Industries, subjects of New Technologies or Management and production of stage projects and shows are offered, in addition to Psychology, Music o Communication.


A subject like Philosophy proposes, through performing practices, to use the body in movement as a tool for critical thinking, while Dance and Theater: Rites, Festivals and Shows examines the anthropological and sociological dimension of that same body. Subjects such as Performance Studies and Performing Languages ​​in their Historical context address the performing arts from transversality and fusion with other disciplines such as the visual arts.

International projection

The Master's Degree in Performing Arts was designed by the “Alicia Alonso” University Institute of Dance, the center that coordinates its teaching. The creation of this master's degree has allowed hundreds of artists and cultural managers to access postgraduate and doctoral levels and launch artistic and sociocultural projects throughout Spain, Latin America and China.


International figures such as the dancer, Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts and director of the English National Ballet, Tamara Rojo; the dancer and choreographer María Pagés, a reference in flamenco dance, and Eva López Crevillén, director of the Madrid Conservatory of Dance, among many other prominent artists, have completed this degree.

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