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Contemporary Dance Mention

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Contemporary Dance Mention

There are many contributions of choreographic art of the XNUMXth and XNUMXst centuries to the conception of a new way of understanding dance: Contemporary Dance.

Contemporary Dance is freedom of creation, but within technical parameters, languages ​​and discourses that base its creative and training process, and its various scenic particularities.

Contemporary dance adds several techniques, stylistic currents and forms of training in its development process. Currently there are methodological currents such as the Graham technique, the Horton technique or improvisation techniques that have their own definition and cover very different forms of expression, style and training.


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Contemporary Dance Mention

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Contemporary dance

The experience acquired by the students within the development process of this Degree has allowed them to participate in the recovery of works from the contemporary dance repertoire, participating as performers in more than twenty choreographic pieces, including seven emblematic creations of musical theater such as West Side History, Sway, Suite Charity, Firebird, In the Heights, Hello Dolly, A Chorus Line. To these are added more than twenty premieres of new productions. National recognitions have also been obtained in the “Ciudad de Castellón” National Dance Competition and the “City of Barcelona” National Competition, among other merits and recognitions.

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  • Constant stage practice
  • Complementary workshops and seminars with guest teachers and artists
  • Visits to museums, art centers and shows
  • Participation in national and international festivals and events, as part of the IUDAA agreements with prestigious institutions
  • You can be part of the Madrid Chamber Ballet with performances in the National Network of Theaters and Auditoriums

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