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ITI Spain

International Theater Institute ITI. Non-governmental organization formally associated with UNESCO.


The ITI strives to achieve a society in which artists thrive and flourish. The ITI's advice and UNESCO's objectives are mutual understanding, peace, and the protection and promotion of cultural expressions, regardless of age, gender, belief or ethnicity. Work towards these purposes in areas of performing arts education, international exchange, collaboration, and youth training.



The centers – the full members of ITI – are the main components of ITI. According to the ITI Statute, each Center will have a board of directors in which the various branches of the performing arts, playwrights, choreographers, dancers, actors, directors, stage managers, etc. are represented.
The centers will promote the performing arts in their respective countries through research, distribution of information, conferences, festivals, competitions, exhibitions, the best performances in the country, one or two years, workshops, publications and other means, as well as will facilitate international cultural exchange.



-Give value and importance to the Performing Arts in which artists can work and present their creative ideas.
-Invest and finance organizations, institutions and artists, together with local, regional and national authorities, as well as sponsors and donors.
-Support education in Performing Arts techniques and related subjects at all educational levels.
-Support the performing arts in communities, for development, mutual understanding and to build peace in the world. protecting diverse cultural expressions promoting innovation.



The purpose of the International Theater Institute is to promote the international exchange of knowledge and practice in theatrical arts to consolidate peace and friendship among peoples, deepen mutual understanding and increase creative cooperation among all people in the theatrical arts. To achieve this purpose, the ITI must: Promote activities and creation in the field of live performing arts, theater, dance, musical theater;

-Actively cooperate in the development of the “Theater of Nations” festival and encourage and coordinate the organization of theatrical congresses, workshops and expert meetings, as well as festivals, exhibitions and competitions, in cooperation with its members.
-Defend the free development of the performing arts and contribute to the protection of the rights of performing arts professionals.

-Aim for an expansion of the existing collaboration between the performing arts disciplines and organizations, both national and international;
-Establish international offices and encourage the establishment of National ITI Centers in all countries;
-Collect documents, disseminate all types of information and publish publications in the field of performing arts;

ITI UNESCO/ITI SPAIN/"Alicia Alonso" Dance Foundation


Collaboration scholarships for postgraduate training students within the field of Performing Arts.

Aimed at new students in the Master of Performing Arts and Management and Leadership of Cultural Projects


If someone is from a country where there is no active ITI Center or there is a Collaborating Member, the Committee council can decide on the person's membership.


Higher Education Network

ITI/UNESCO Network for Higher Education in Performing Arts of more than 20 institutions of higher education and research in performing arts.


Regional Councils

The General Assembly or the Executive Council may establish Regional Councils composed of representatives of Centers and Cooperating Members.


Educational projects

Focused on the development and promotion of quality artistic education, focused on actions to preserve European intangible heritage


Project groups

The programs, aligned with the ITI Objectives, must be formulated and executed by its board of directors, being responsible to the ITI General Assembly.

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World Capital

World Capital of the Performing Arts, title awarded to a city for the quality of its programs to support and promote the performing arts.

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