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Shocking Premiere of the Chamber Theater Company of the “Alicia Alonso” Foundation with “Altarpiece of Lust, Greed and Death”

Madrid, May 28 – Yesterday, the Madrid Chamber Theater Company of the Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation presented his new premiere, «Altarpiece of Lust, Greed and Death«. This version of Valle-Inclán's play, under the direction of Andrés Acevedo, left no one indifferent and captivated the public with the brilliant interpretation of his young actors, all students of the Alicia Alonso University Institute.

The performance was a resounding success. The audience, visibly moved, gave an extended ovation for ten minutes, forcing the actors to come out and say hello on more than four occasions. The mastery with which the young performers brought the characters of this literary classic to life was memorable, establishing a new milestone in the history of theater within the performances of this young company that depends on the Alicia Alonso Foundation.

This premiere marks an unforgettable day for the young company, consolidating its place on the theater scene with a production that combines talent, passion and impeccable artistic direction. The Madrid Chamber Theater Company of the Alicia Alonso Dance Foundation has demonstrated, once again, its ability to surprise and move the public with high-level performances.

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