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Students majoring in Acrobatic and Circus Dance visit CIRCLASICA.

Students of the Alicia Alonso Dance Institute Immerse themselves in the Magical World of Circlassica

An Immersion in the World of the Circus as an Example of the Institute's Innovative Educational Strategy

November 23th 2023

By Alicia Alonso University Dance Institute

Madrid, Spain – Students of the Degree in Visual Arts and Dance, taught jointly by the Alicia Alonso University Institute and the URJC, On the late night of November 22, they lived an exciting experience that combined the charm of the circus with valuable professional training lessons. This unique opportunity is presented through your participation in Circlassica: The Great World Circus, an internationally renowned production of Smile Producers. This experience not only allows them to enjoy the show, but also learn from experienced circus professionals.

Circlassica: The Great World Circus has returned in a new Christmas edition to IFEMA in Madrid, and our students have the privilege of attending one of the general rehearsals. This show embodies the essence of the most outstanding European circus and has the collaboration of artists with a great international career. Viewers will have the opportunity to experience the true meaning of «the most difficult thing yet«, through acts that defy gravity and stimulate the imagination.

The Circlassica cast includes more than 30 international circus performers who perform impressive trapeze feats, impossible balances and acts that defy logic. Additionally, the show features live music that adds a unique musical dimension to the experience.

Smile Producers, the creative force behind this show, has excelled in producing innovative family-friendly shows for the past 15 years. They have created hits like Circlassica, Circo Mágico and Navidad Circo Price. Now with Circlassica: The Great World Circus, once again promise unforgettable moments for the whole family during the Christmas season.

This enriching experience, preceded by the visit the previous year to a rehearsal of the Cirque du Soleil, not only represents an opportunity for the students of the Alicia Alonso University Dance Institute to enjoy a world-class show, but it is also an example of the educational strategy innovator of the Alicia Alonso University Dance Institute. Beyond classrooms and textbooks, the Institute is committed to providing its students with unique professional experiences that complement their theoretical and practical training.

The visit to Circlassic is a clear example of this educational strategy. Students have the opportunity to appreciate and learn about the world of circus from an artistic and professional perspective. It's not just about enjoying the show, but about understanding how the circus industry works and how performers achieve impressive feats.

This experience adds to the numerous training strategies that the Alicia Alonso Dance Institute has implemented in its curriculum. Students have the opportunity to approach professional experience from different perspectives, whether through internships, meetings with industry experts or participation in renowned events and shows.

The primary goal of these strategies is to prepare students for a successful career in the world of performing arts, providing them with a solid understanding of both technical skills and the industry in which they wish to excel. Education at the Alicia Alonso Dance Institute goes beyond the classroom and is nourished by enriching experiences and contact with the real world.

At the Alicia Alonso/URJC Dance Institute, we firmly believe that education is enriched through practical and real experiences. We are committed to continuing to explore new ways to enrich our students' education and prepare them for a bright future in the world of the performing arts. 

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